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waxu developed the next generation in intimate waxing with a salon grade collection to revolutionise hair removal, developed by the UK’s leading experts in intimate waxing.

We were approached by waxu for a brand and identity that positioned them as the only waxing brand and product that focussed on intimate waxing. The brand itself needed to reflect the clean and professional salon space the product would be presented in.

We later took charge of their social media management with a focus on Instagram and monthly email marketing campaigns to grow awareness and revenue through the brand’s ecommerce website, as well as event stands and branded print collateral.

Waxu logo

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R251 G164 B209

R255 G231 B244

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Visual Identity

waxu is a very personal and intimate treatment and we wanted to develop an identity which was not only professional, but also approachable and reassuring. The umlaut on the ü is not only how the word should be pronounced (wax-you) but also a smiley face giving the mark a friendly and playful twist.

We started working with waxu whilst the product was still in development which meant we had a meaningful input into the complete offering, from naming the business, to the colour of the wax and the finalised launch strategy too.

During our research phase we discovered that other waxing brands on the market were devoid of personality and simply not aspirational. We took a bold leap to stand out with a vibrant colour palette, high impact imagery and bold messaging to excite and engage.

03 Waxu SM Jungle
05 Waxu SM Martini
08 Waxu SM Relationship Status
07 Waxu SM Hair Free
11 Waxu SM Vibes
Waxu Life Is Short
Waxu Why Waxing
09 Waxu SM 99 Problems
Waxu Hot Wax

Social Media

Serious brand vibes with social media assets.

We created assets to use across waxu’s social media networks that were relatable and accessible to salons, making it easy for them to reshare to their own networks and maintain the waxu brand. It built brand advocates from accredited salons and enabled the brand to reach a greater market.

18 Waxu SOTM 4
19 Waxu SOTM 5

Snappy and fun copy, relatable imagery, body positivity and exclusivity, were all clear themes running through the social assets whilst maintaining the look and feel of the brand. Throughout our time managing waxu’s social media, we built a positive approach to UGC with salons sharing their own waxing experiences with waxu to further position the brand. We also worked with waxu to secure their position with Oh Darlin’.


In the last year working with waxu’s social media, as well as building their community and loyal advocates, we focussed on increasing social traffic toward the website to improve goal conversions and time spent on the website.


Increase in social media traffic to the website 2018 - 2019


Decrease in bounce rate through social media traffic 2018 - 2019


Increase in salon sign up goal conversions 2018 - 2019


Email marketing focussed around monthly product offers, the Salon of the Month and any upcoming accredited courses and masterclasses. These emails were key in driving monthly revenue and were inline with social media content calendars to keep brand messaging tight.

From creating the brand for my new business to designing the exhibition stands and digital marketing, Abstrakt have gone above and beyond at every step of the way. Thank you for doing such an incredible job for waxu, you really are amazing at what you do!

Gemma Cafferkey - Founder & Owner - waxu Express Intimate Wax

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