13th October 2021

The importance of brand values

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Lauren Irwin

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Brand values, or brand pillars, are the core ideals of a brand that set its principles apart from the competition. They’re wholly unique to the brand and establish proposition, personality and a core message, which flows intravenously through a brand’s identity.

Without brand values, there is no foundation. Brands can rapidly find themselves careening into the unknown: who are we, what do we stand for, what differentiates us from everyone else?

All of which percolates through an organisation and its employees, leaving everyone unsure of what they’re working toward and maintaining. Brand values give employees a clear understanding of a business and how it’s viewed inwardly and outwardly. Brands with consistent beliefs incite loyalty and advocacy and encourage employees to embody its values.

Connection is at the heart of all brand values, and consumers are always looking for a reason to relate and to feel a part of something—just as much as employees are.

What are brand values?

Brand values are what makes your company stand out and differentiates itself from the competition. They’re essential attributes, and we should consider a brand as a living, breathing thing. It grows with us, but it stands by certain principles that keep it anchored to its core values. These values propel messaging and drive proposition and attract loyal advocates with the same ideals to champion a brand.

How do I identify and define brand values?

Brand values are a steadfast guide and should be a part of any decision-making process—does this action or choice match the brand's core values.

Most business owners will know their brand values and what they want a brand to stand for. How they want their internal culture to exist alongside it—not all of them can articulate their values to empower employees and attract customers. Consider what you want your brand and business as a whole to stand for.

Generally, we work with four core values that represent the fundamentals of a brand. For instance, one of Apple’s core messages is ‘to make the best products in the market and focus on selected products so that they can develop and innovate’ so as a stand-alone value, that could translate to ‘innovation’ or ‘originality’.

How do I get buy-in for brand values and vision?

Many business owners task their internal teams (Creative Directors, Marketeers) or employ brand agencies (like us!) to write a brand definition, which brand values and vision sit within. It’s important to divulge as much information and ask as many questions as possible in the beginning stages to get under the skin of what a brand is and how the key stakeholders view it.

I always like to sit in on the brand workshops that we run with clients to hear the way they talk about a brand. Semantics and the linguistical ways that a person speaks can massively account for the tone a brand takes. These workshops often have an infectious excitement when someone has the opportunity to talk about their brand, businesses, and the unique thing that it’s doing—that massively affects choosing the correct values.

What are some examples of brand values?

There are 171,476 words in the English dictionary so just imagine how many are there to describe your brand and the key messages that spring from it. Here are a handful of examples and why businesses might consider them for their brand to get you to think about yours.


It might be that you’re a business that’s daring and making waves in your industry. You’re doing something different that’s contrary to the competition, and you’re not afraid to take risks.


Your business strives to ensure that everything is made simple: for your employees, your partners and your customers. You’ve made your whole brand proposition — service, solution or product — around ensuring an easier life or process for your customer. Your brand lives and breathes simplicity.


In an ever-changing world, your business and brand pride themselves on being adaptable, with the flexibility and versatility that allows it to move with the times


With a light and informal tone, your brand offers a helping hand and wants nothing more than to offer best-in-class service and support. Nothing is too much trouble and you’re always going above and beyond to encourage and help your customers.

Not sure where to start with brand values or are looking to create a brand identity for your business? Get in touch to discuss how we can support you in developing your brand.

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