5th February 2021

Why your brand is more than just a logo

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Branding can make or break a business.

It’s not just about the product or service anymore. When you think about Red Bull, do you think about the energy drink? Or is it extreme sports - Stratos and Felix Baumgartner parachute jumping from the edge of space? Ray-ban isn’t just sunglasses, it’s a whole aesthetic.

A brand isn’t just its logo either.

We don’t need the Apple logo to associate its marketing to the products. Their typography alone is a marker. We only need to see Cadbury purple to evoke the taste of its smooth, milky chocolate. The start to any movie with a star in the sky tells us it’s Disney and see the word 'share' along with fire engine red, and you’ll be reaching for a coke.

Branding is incredibly powerful and it’s the cornerstone of any business; the face of every company. In many cases, it’s the first impression and making a good one counts. People can change their opinions in an instant and with the power of social media, today’s hero becomes tomorrow’s zero.

"Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business."

~ Steve Forbes, Editor-in-Chief of business magazine Forbes.

If your brand doesn’t appeal to your audience, then it’s never going to get any attention. Just as much as a poor brand identity won’t build trust and credibility. Abstrakt turns fifteen this year and brand is where the agency began. We understand the value of sticking to your roots. It’s why we have such a closely protected culture. It’s why we stay humble and remind ourselves we’re only as good as our last project and the feedback we receive from our clients.

We keep branding at the heart of our services. The visual and verbal identity reflects how a business is perceived and everyone’s should be unique. A successful brand shouldn’t just encompass the company’s values but align with its customer’s values too.

We rounded up some of the brands we were fortunate enough to work with and develop in 2020...

Varied Forms

Maybe a little too Fight Club, but the first rule is that there are no rules when it comes to Varied Forms. As consumer products change and trends quickly come, quickly go, Varied Forms sets itself apart by continually evolving its products. The brand drives the freedom to choose and bases itself on a reflection of its customer’s individuality. Its aim is to make every day a little bit more extraordinary. Made to be made over, Varied Forms is engineered to be designed by its customers, with colour palettes and materials that allow for the breadth of unique tastes.

VF 1
VF 2
Why your brand is more than just a logo
VF 3


Here for all and not for one, WASPP was born out of a desire to be better for the motorsport industry, for the customer, for the motorsport community and beyond. Coming up as the underdog, they weren’t scared to make an immediate impact and differentiate themselves from the competition. Straight-talking, genuine, connected and aware of the struggles of consumers, WASPP is not just a race car supplies ecommerce - it’s a state of mind, an aspiration. They’re here to inspire and enhance and energise the community to achieve their goals. WASPP is the stories people tell.

Why your brand is more than just a logo

The Hangar

Born out of the heritage of the Karting Circuit at Langar and the legacy that goes alongside it — both nostalgic and a well-known karting centre in the East Midlands — The Hangar has been restored and rejuvenated so a tired, pre-loved venue can be brought up to speed with a whole new driving experience for thrill-seekers. Exhilarating, personable and focussed, The Hangar has its customers best interests at heart. Motorsport is in their blood and they want nothing more than to deliver an exceptional experience from the first click to final lap - taking the brand from the digital to the physical space.

Why your brand is more than just a logo
Hangar 1
Hangar 2
Hangar 4
Hangar 3


Designed for detail, engineered for excellence, Certa was created to support businesses without in-house expertise or demand for external resources. From conceptual design to final form and function, Certa is committed to cutting edge solutions - a client’s vision is their vision and they specialise in pushing the boundaries and limits of technology. They make the impossible possible. Thriving on motion and a passion for concepts for all categories of engineering and innovation, their progressive attitude to their solutions engineers the unthinkable.

Certa 1
Certa 2
Certa 4 2
Certa 3 2
Certa 5

Interested in taking your brand from a logo to a living, breathing story? Get in touch with the Abstrakt team to discuss levelling up your brand identity.

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