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Born out of the heritage of the Karting Circuit at Langar and the legacy that goes alongside it, The Hangar has been restored as THE karting experience in the East Midlands.

Rich in history and with a strong awareness of its location, the closure of the Nottingham karting site was felt by many. The Hangar team wanted to restore and rejuvenate the centre, with a big focus on rebranding and repositioning the business to bring it up to speed.

Abstrakt worked with The Hangar on their brand identity as well as their website design and development, to create a visually striking aesthetic that would work across digital application and signage across the newly restored event space.


Creating a visually & verbally exhilarating brand identity to reflect the thrill of Go Karting.

Drawing on the centre’s location, heritage and facility, The Hangar represents the distinctive hangar beneath which the track is positioned. Both with the RAF and 20+ years of awareness in karting, The Hangar (at Langar) positions the Motorsport Centre with a clear understanding and celebration of the location’s history and legacy.

The Hangar is all about experience and ensuring that every brand touchpoint is welcoming and fun. Its logomark reflects the bold, exhilarating experience of go-karting, with its angled position and cutaway elements to represent motion and speed.

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When looking at the competitive market, it was obvious that red was the primary colour, and we wanted to break that chain. Green “Aintree” — named after Turn 5 at Silverstone — was introduced to complement the depth of petroleum and represent the colour of “Go.” The typography features Dharma Gothic chosen for its retro-looking and nostalgic typeface and Roboto, with its friendly, open curves, which represents the welcoming space at the facility.

Dharma Gothic

Dharma Gothic




Building upon the logomark and visual identity, we developed the brand’s position and tone of voice to create a clear anchor for the brand to refer to as to how The Hangar speaks to its audiences. It was important to keep it fun and casual, whilst having an undertone of professionalism for the wealth of experience the team has, and when talking to their more corporate audiences.


When it came to graphic design, it’s now always easy to convey a sense of brand in static photography, especially when the core emotion evoked from Go Karting is the thrill and feeling of speed. We’ve added graphic elements to photography to convery movement that contrasts with the brand’s rules. Images can be changed to monotone using any of the colours in the brand colour palette, with added noise/dust and scratches for a final, high-octane gritty feel.

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The Hangar
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Digital design showcasing movement that evokes the need for speed.

The website design showcases movement through photography, which is complemented by the italicised headers, and transitions for the navigation that sweep left to right representing the Go Kart going past spectators. Subtle, slanted colour gradients and the high contrasting green tyre track elements add further depth to give the feeling of drifting.

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Speed is everything and transitions are too.

We developed The Hangar on Craft 3, which is a powerful content management system that is super easy for content managers to update. It allows the team at The Hangar to make changes on the fly, update photography and as part of phase 2, connect their booking system RaceFacer to show live lap times online.

When it came to the look and feel of the website, we used transitions for the navigation that represented the speed of the track, which were reflected across all call to actions on the site. This adds to the surprise and delight, building anticipation and a sense of excitement with every touch point of the brand before evening arriving at the facility.

Hangar 2
Hangar 1

The Abstrakt team lived up to and exceeded expectations yet again! We’re mightily impressed with how the branding has fully captured the brief and brought the venue to life!

Edward Worthington - Director - The Hangar

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