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Craft CMS

Websites should be an intuitive and delightful experience for your customers, but they should be simple for you to manage behind the scenes too. Craft CMS makes it easy to have a beautiful website and a structured and flexible backend for effortless management with a user friendly control panel.

Keeping content managers happy

Craft delivers one of the best content management experiences available and makes managing site content a piece of cake. Because it is so easy and uncomplicated to use, we find that content managers are more confident working with the system and the site ends up being refreshed more frequently, which is good all round for marketing, sales and the users.

Official Craft CMS Partners

We are proud to be recognised as official Craft CMS Partners. Craft Partners have to satisfy a range of criteria and have a proven and demonstrable experience of working with Craft. When working with a Craft Partner, you can rest assured that you're working with an agency who knows and understands Craft CMS and takes your business and your digital presence seriously.

Craft Content Happy

Build unique, content considered layouts on a page by page basis

After your website has been designed and built on Craft CMS it doesn’t stop there... Craft’s interface is arranged in content modules, so that a content manager can use pre-created blocks from other page templates and build their own pages in minutes. That gives content manager the flexibility to create unique, rich content considered layouts on a page by page basis.

It’s fully responsive which means for content managers and marketers on the go, they can add and edit content on any device with a browser. It’s a huge bonus when you need to be reactive to the latest industry news or pull together content for an all important sale.

No hide and seek here

Craft’s ‘Live Preview’ feature provides a split screen view of the control panel and the previewed website page, and make changes in real time without jumping back and forth to see updates. You can even share the page you’re working on with colleagues for approval without publishing it to the live site or your colleague being logged in.

Its built in localisation features allows content managers to easily translate website content for international use too.

Craft Live

Be secure

Craft is a very secure CMS and all vulnerabilities are fixed and released as soon as possible with the normal Craft updates. The creators of Craft take security extremely seriously and have stringent steps in place to ensure the integrity of the system.

Craft Commerce allows you to give your customers the shopping experience that they truly deserve, with its incredibly powerful and flexible e-commerce platform for small businesses on Craft CMS.

Sell it like you mean it

Every e-commerce is different and instead of boxing a company and forcing them to create their shopping experience a certain way, Craft Commerce has unmatched flexibility when it comes to process flows. From product modeling, stock, promotions and the customer checkout process, it’s packed full of features that make management of the ecommerce platform effortless.

Craft Commerce

Craft Commerce features

Craft Commerce makes ecommerce surprisingly simple and Craft have made sure day-to-day tasks for content managers are quick and easy. It’s taken the intuitive nature of Craft CMS and applied it to Commerce, so customisation and ease of content management is just as powerful.

  • Product Management
  • Sales & Promotions
  • Storefront & Basket
  • Checkout & Delivery
  • Order Management
  • API Integrations

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