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Craft CMS. Takes the chore out of managing websites.

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As an officially Craft Verified Partner and proud advocates, we’re experts in Craft CMS websites, both building and maintaining them.

Choosing the right content management system can be a headache but is an essential process for any business, and sometimes, the obvious and popular go-to isn’t the superior option…

We’re looking at you, WordPress.

Craft CMS is relatively new but that shouldn’t put you off. It’s an intuitively built platform that allows for wonderfully bespoke websites, clever interactions and the scope to create tailor made designs, and not just another widespread template.

Verified Craft CMS Partner

We are proud to be recognised as a Verified Craft CMS Partner.

A Craft Verified Partner has to satisfy a range of criteria and have a proven and demonstrable experience of working with Craft. When working with a Craft Partner, you can rest assured that you're working with an agency who knows Craft CMS and who has been reviewed by Pixel & Tonic themselves.

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Content first

We take a content first approach at Abstrakt which means we design and build around your content. No assumptions made and an entirely bespoke experience to your business and its customers.

Content Management

A content managers dream, Craft is just as instinctive and effortless in the backend, as it is the frontend. As well as giving developers the flexibility to create smooth and smart experiences, Craft’s backend system makes it easy for teams to update content on the fly and create pages easily, whilst maintaining their brand and website design.

Key features for content managers:

  • Live preview pages and share in-progress drafts
  • Built-in asset management for easy organisation
  • Define user groups and permissions with ease
  • Edit images directly from the control panel
  • Create new pages in minutes with intuitive components
  • Update SEO fields page-by-page and globally


New to Craft CMS? Want a little more info?


What we do is nothing short of amazing! We build, we create, we make and we bake…

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