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2am London

Grafton International discovered a gap in the gel polish market for a low cost, high quality polish available to professional consumers and salons direct. They wanted to create a brand that had attitude and polishes that people would relate to through the personality of the naming and the shade that they wore. The tone of voice and brand identity would be key to presenting a standout brand against a sea of identical gel polish styles and naming conventions.


Grafton International



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Branding | Design | Copywriting

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After understanding the current market space from Grafton International, we started our exploration into the industry, personas and developing a personality that would draw on the attitude that was desired; a female boss. The name 2AM came from identifying the photography style and drawing on the lifestyle of the persona for the brand.


About last night… well, how many secrets can you keep? Whether it’s Netflix (and chill) or getting the crown for the biggest dirty stop out going - she’s been hiding some acesup her sleeve and knows sleep is only for the weak. Gotta be up at 7am? Oh well. Get up, Glam up. Done. Lady of the night? Please. Queen of the night. She’s been worshipping the witching hour for years, so simmer down and pucker up. She’s going for an all nighter.


Visual identity

We designed the logo from a combination of modified typefaces so the end result was completely bespoke and 100% unique to 2AM. Avenir Next created the '2' for its bold and impactful presence. We combined two modified typefaces for the 'AM', and the end result was a completely original logo, just like the people that wear 2AM and a visually strong shelf appeal.

Typography was built from a progressive typeface used for headlines and body copy. When it came to conjunctive words, the more emotive, handwritten script portrayed the non-conventional free spirited vibe of the 2AM persona.

The CMYK colour palette are the richest, deepest, boldest, most saturated colours available. These unapologetically bold and empowered shades take no prisoners, just like the 2AM gel polish itself.



CMYK: 100 | 0 | 0 | 0
RGB: 0 | 255 | 255
HEX: #00ffff



CMYK: 0 | 100 | 0 | 0
RGB: 255 | 0 | 255
HEX: #ff00ff



CMYK: 0 | 0 | 100 | 0
RGB: 255 | 255 | 0
HEX: #ffff00



CMYK: 0 | 0 | 0 | 100
RGB: 0 | 0 | 0
HEX: #000000

Headings & Body

Aviner Next LT Pro | Bold Condensed





Brand positioning

The brief was simple - set the brand apart from its competitors. 2AM Gel Polish is about being in control and not compromising on second best. It's about relating to an audience that didn’t want to be seen as ‘basic’ or ‘ordinary.'

It was about empowering people to choose a nail polish not only based on colour, but on the name of the shade to match their personality too. We stepped away from normal naming conventions such as ‘Ruby Red’ and ‘Coralicious’ to bring forth shades that meant something to the wearer.

Maybe that was a nod to their personality or a memory or even a secret they’d only shared with their friends. That’s where the 90+ original nail colours came from, such as Hot Mess, Loyal, Out, Out? and Trust No One.


Tone of voice

The brand's voice came from a persona designed for the personality and attitude that created 2AM. It's about being crystal clear. That 2AM is about nails and what's hot, what's not. We created the tone of voice around four core brand pillars: hot, fierce, gritty and powerful and that breathed life into one core message.

Gel nail polish for sassy, independent women who know what they want and DGAF about the rest. Still eyeing up that other basic-AF gel? Didn’t think so.


Concept packaging

Flat geometric shapes are a core trend for 2019 and we drew on that for our concept for the bottle mockups for 2AM. The shapes reflect the fluid movement of gel polish and highlight each shade in its best light, as well as overlapping the colour’s name to standout amongst the crowd on a salon’s display.

We created 88 bottle mockups with Grafton's final design to be used on their website, to present a crisp and desirable gel polish that salons would want to offer their customers; reflecting the brand's killer personality, style and attitude.


Brand application

Drawing on 2019’s trend for flat geometric shapes, we developed a concept for the 2AM website that matched the bottle designs and spotlighted the brand’s personality, its desirable gel polish and the attitude of the people who would wear it.

The bold hero space imagined a dynamic area for fluid movements between each shape as it moved within a slider. The photography would match each individual bestselling shade, be relatable to the buyer and excite and delight with animation.


Website Copywriting

Grafton outlined their requirements when it came to keywords for their SEO and then we set to work on copywriting. From all 88 gel polishes, the collection overviews, product pages, the about us and more, we were able to maintain the tone of voice created for 2AM to seamlessly fold the brand across online and offline spaces.

Bold AF Collection

Be effortlessly cool with a bright gel nail polish that’s taking zero prisoners. These bold and intense gel polish colours are as extra as it’s going to get. It’s time to ooze confidence with a bright gel nail polish that’s as full on as your personality, your vibe and your style. Each gel polish colour in the Bold AF Collection has been chosen to compliment that sassy attitude and now you can rock it 24/7.


What the client says

We love what you have come up with. So excited now!

Stephanie Bergin - Head of Brand & Marketing - Grafton International