Illustrative design approach for SaaS product for easy meeting scheduling


Bespoke scenario illustration makes scheduling easy.




2018 - Ongoing

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Cronofy needed to demonstrate how their Calendar and Scheduling APIs can be used to save everyone time and improve team productivity.

They previously had an illustrative style created by their video production agency but with a limited amount of scenarios, they weren't able to create the scenes and situations they wanted to showcase the SaaS products capabilities to their market.

The same illustration style needed to used across all mediums and be a reflection of their diversity. They needed to be able to stand out from the crowd with bold exhibition stands and print collateral that wasn’t the typical handouts found at international events.

Cronofy data illustrations


Cronofy had a limited amount of illustrations and so we worked with them to create a list of scenarios. We then set about developing and enhancing their previous illustrative style to extend their bank of illustration. They ended up with a suite of vectors that could be used across any medium in the future. Their illustrations are used daily across their marketing materials and we continue to evolve the style and grow the assets available to them.

Cronofy print work


Eye catching illustration with design elements that pop.

When the new style had been developed for the illustrations it needed to bring the brand to life offline with print collateral that was eye catching. This would not only draw upon characters and scenarios, but the distinct design elements and iconography designed for Cronofy.

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We’ve worked with Cronofy over the last two years creating event stand design that catches the attention of exhibitors at international events. From Las Vegas to Amsterdam and beyond, we work with contractors around the world to ensure print specifications are correct and Cronofy can rest assured when they arrive to a quality looking stand.

We also create brand collateral as well as swag for their events, with futuristic inspired stickers and badges, such as a Delorean and Doctor Who’s Tardis. All of these added extras makes the experience of exhibitors and attendees alike that much better; and give Cronofy an edge with something different to offer their audience.


We designed and developed an interactive and responsive scroller for desktop and mobile that could be used in Las Vegas on their exhibition stand. The interactive scroller journeyed through different points in time as it reflected the speed of the two characters; a developer using Cronofy and one that was not. This showed how easy and how much time was saved from the developer when using the API calendar and scheduler - which is now featured on their marketing website.

Cronofy time travel

Abstrakt understand not only what we do but what we are about. That's why they have become a reliable and trusted business partner.

Jérémy Bourhis - Head of Marketing - Cronofy

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