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Not just connecting your calendar

Cronofy weren't satisfied with their online presence. It didn't reflect their vision or clearly demonstrate how their Calendar and Scheduling APIs can be used to save everyone time and improve teams' productivity. The journey their users experienced wasn’t clear which was evident through low conversions when compared to online traffic. They also found that stock heavy imagery across the website wasn’t resonating with their audience and they felt somewhat detached from their industry.





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Design & Frontend Development

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Generating leads with better experiences

Restructuring the website and establishing an agreed wireframe formed a coherent and logical path for the rest of the website to be based upon.

We worked with the Head of Marketing to understand the breadth of their audiences and created simple user journeys that introduced new call to actions. That enabled users to navigate the website easily with relevant content pulled out and made visible with an obvious step for them to take action.

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Illustration / Design

No matter the scenario

The photography across the website was stock heavy and a lot of Cronofy’s competitors used illustration to demonstrate product capabilities. Illustration had historically been used in videos and so, we progressed that approach across the website to bring them inline with the industry. Each illustration depicted their product in bespoke scenarios and made it easier to connect with international audiences.

It was essential for the pricing page to be simple and transparent and that plans were easy to compare for potential users. Research showed that competitors used clunky and vague plans that were cumbersome for users to understand. We created a page clearly identifying plans side-by-side that could also be compared with a deeper dive if the user wanted more explanation.


Saving time with collaboration

Happily sticking with WordPress due to their HubSpot integration, we were able to split resource between ourselves and their in-house developer. We worked on the collaboration between our designer and frontend developer to create smooth transitions, subtle call to action animations and lazy loads for both delighting the user and page performance. Our frontend work could then be plugged into the backend by Cronofy’s developer and they were able to tweak and adjust elements, such as larger button and logo sizing. This collaborative approach allowed for both sides of the website to be worked on simultaneously for an early launch.


What the client says

Abstrakt understand not only what we do but what we are about. That's why they have become a reliable and trusted business partner.

Jérémy Bourhis - Head of Marketing - Cronofy