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Olympic have been perfecting logistics for over 20 years with their in-house operating system. Their success with their logistics practices have led them to the creation of FastFilment.

It’s now the sole provider of their inventory storage and order handling for The Olympic Shaver Centre. They wanted to share their knowledge and experience with other sellers that could benefit from Olympic's investment in an effective fulfilment platform.

To do this they needed a digital presence that would resonate with their audience and step away from the tired and mechanical looking websites found in their sector. They wanted to take an illustrative approach to bring more personality to the face of the brand.

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When it came to brand identity we needed to appeal to ecommerce sellers whilst setting FastFilment apart from the standard, tired space of third-party logistics. The bold sans serif logomark promotes the pace and stability of the brand, whilst its softer rounded edges reflect the brand’s accessible, personable approach to business.

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Drawing on FastFilment’s sister company,, we tied in the clean and elegant simplicity of trusted Oxford blue hues with lighter accents and gradients throughout. This seamlessly tied with the easygoing and genuine typography and tone of voice.


Illustration gave FastFilment a contrasting identity and was instrumental in showing a clear journey through the order fulfilment process. The overall style compliments the brand identity with sharp lines that add an edge of professionalism and clarity to the personable brand, whilst the slightly unaligned gradient colour fills create a level of depth.

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Third-party logistics and organisations can often come across somewhat formal and vague, we didn't want that for FastFilment having been built from the group up by a family run company.

Their personable and friendly approach to business needed to shine through, with simple but informative language that spoke to the customer, understood their needs and proved the flexibility of the partnership between them and FastFilment.

Fastfilment Illustrations2


We kept the design clean and simple with delicate interactions added throughout website development. Grid-like elements played upon the structure of the logistics industry and balanced the juxtaposed blocks where content flows throughout the site.

Each element was designed to be scalable and to grow with the website as FastFilment’s offering naturally developed overtime. We Purposefully only opted to use real life photography when necessary and stepped away from the structural and warehouse imagery seen across most third-party logistics websites.

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Using Craft CMS we were able to build an entirely bespoke website using unique design and not feel inhibited by templates. That meant we could add subtle interactions and flourishes around the website that encouraged users on a journey and made for a delightful experience. The scrolling parallax effect gave pages pace beside content and illustration that’s allowed to breathe without elaborate movement.

Understated hover effects softly but assuredly move users through call to actions adding to the easygoing and likeable quality of the brand and the company behind it. Each component has been developed individually for the website to scale in the future and build upon new pages to continue to fill users with confidence.

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Abstrakt turned our ideas and explanations into a working brand, breathing life into our new venture. In addition, their bespoke illustrations help to set our brand apart and provide eye-catching hooks to draw potential customers into more detailed content and one step closer to submitting an enquiry!

Andrew Edwards - Director - FastFilment

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