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iEffects have been working in the AV industry for over a decade and have a wealth of experience and knowledge in making events unforgettable. Their previous website was a simple one-pager on WordPress but it wasn’t performance optimised, struggled with SEO and was no longer inline with their brand proposition and where the business is headed.





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Copy Writing, Design & Development

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the brief

Capturing imagination

They wanted a website that would capture the imagination of their customers and spotlight the iEffects team’s ability to create memorable experiences, no matter the event.

It was key that the website reflected their brand personality and would generate leads where their previous website had not.

Boat Party

Delivering unforgettable experiences

When it came to the copywriting for iEffects, it was important to ensure the content spoke to each individual audience, whilst making every event type and service area relatable to their event.

We didn’t just want to talk about what iEffects could offer in terms of the physical equipment, we wanted to play with imagination and help users lose themselves in the ideas that iEffects make a reality for them. No matter the event - it needed to build upon the vision and atmosphere users would have in mind.

colour palette

Party Pink 2


CMYK: 13 | 86 | 0 | 0
RGB: 255 | 0 | 204
HEX: #ff00cc

Purple Haze


CMYK: 95 | 100 | 22 | 35
RGB: 39 | 0 | 92
HEX: #27005c



CMYK: 2 | 93 | 57 | 0
RGB: 234 | 52 | 87
HEX: #ea3457



CMYK: 2 | 4 | 99 | 0
RGB: 255 | 230 | 0
HEX: #ffe600

Gatecrasher Confetti

A burst of personality

We introduced colour to the website to bring it to life and evoke the feeling associated with parties and festivals. Unusual shapes as design elements added pace to the website and mimicked the shape of confetti dropped from canons at many of iEffects' events.

Seamlessly designed and managed

iEffects were unhappy with WordPress and what it had to offer them. Their previous website was templated, so we built their website on Craft CMS to give them the flexibility they needed with content management, but also a bespoke website design that projected their brand's personality.

Ieffects Website

We built out the service and events pages to gain SEO ranking and offered an easier user journey across the site with big, bold call to actions to generate leads.

Slick animations on buttons, content blocks, icons and lazy loading texts makes for a delightful experience for the user and the intuitive backend is easily navigated for regular website updates to case studies and news areas.

Ieffects Phones

What the client says

"Abstrakt completely exceeded our expectations. None of our competitors have a website that looks this good!"

Chris Bailey - Owner - iEffects