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Decades before the iPhone was even a glint in Steve Jobs’ eye, KRCS were one of Apple’s first-ever service providers in the UK.

They know Apple inside-out and are an independent, family-run business passionate in their commitment to providing customers with unbeatable personable service. However, they didn't feel like that dedication or credibility came through with their brand or their digital presence.

They wanted to show the same trusted guarantee that's instore, online too. It was vital to them for their proactive nature and expertise to come through, whilst demonstrating their personal approach to exceptional service to customers new and old.

visual identity

The new logo is a developed version of a simple wordmark and is clean and modern, assured and bold. Like the brand, the visual identity is strong in its own right and has no need for gimmicks or design elements.

Creating an entirely bespoke font gave originality and uniqueness to the brand, with a distinctive slice terminating each letter to represent the cutting edge nature of their product offering.

Krcs Logo Construction

logo construction

The purposeful lack of a terminal on the r and the soft rounded curves of the r, c and s denote their friendly, service oriented approach. The lowered ascender of the k brings a feeling of balance. The move to all lowercase letters is a decisive act to be more human and approachable in a highly technical sector.

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Open Sans Bold

Open Sans Bold

Open Sans Light

Open Sans Light

Digital refresh

Refreshing the homepage and navigation for ease of customer experience.

When it came to design the website was outdated compared to the state-of-the-art technology being sold. We redesigned KRCS's homepage and menu navigation to be accessible and offer a stronger user experience to visitors whilst being definitively KRCS.

Their ecommerce customers make considered purchases for high valued items, so it was vital for us to create a sense of trust and credibility to the user at their first touchpoint with the website.

Krcs homepage desktop
Krcs website mobile

Digital design

Promoting knowledge and expertise from the team at KRCS.

We drew on the knowledge and expertise at KRCS to promote content blocks on the homepage, steering users to helpful information and advice with their purchases. With several different audience groups arriving on the website, it was important to ensure that each were catered to and clearly instructed to their area of the site.

Abstrakt worked hard to develop and deliver actionable designs. Their approach and results have made them a key part of our plans going forward.

Dan Hands - Group Ecommerce Manager - KRCS Group LTD

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