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Taking you on a culinary musical journey

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Taking you on a culinary musical journey

Peggy's Skylight is Nottingham's biggest live jazz venue accompanied by a Middle Eastern inspired menu in the city centre. As musicians, its owners, Paul and Rachel, knew they needed a website that would both be aesthetically pleasing and a nod to the journey they were so inspired by, but also functional and easy to use for their community of jazz musicians and enthusiasts.


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Copy Writing, Design & Web Development

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Join us on a journey

As Peggy’s Skylight wasn’t open yet, we worked closely with Paul and Rachel to really understand the story behind the brand and the venue. They wanted a place that offered a sense of community and would really break through the barriers and the misconceptions of jazz being for a ‘certain type of person’. The website needed to speak to musicians, enthusiasts and the general public, and highlight that Peggy’s is about the experience and the journey of food and music, together.

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Fasten your seatbelts

We played on the sense of journey with the copy and content for Peggy’s website to bring out the experience that customers would feel upon arrival. That they were retracing the steps of jazz greats, with a soundtrack of well-curated live music and a fusion of tasty, heartwarming Middle Eastern food. We wanted to express the same love and commitment that Paul and Rachel have had throughout their own journey in bringing Peggy’s Skylight to Nottingham.

Rolling sands and purple hazes

We took inspiration from rolling sand dunes and the purple haze of a twilight sky to build the palette for Peggy's. The subtle nods to the Middle East through colour and the elegant curve of the serif font adds to the same experience online that customers will receive when stepping through Peggy’s doors. Art deco design elements play upon the patterns that can be expected in the future within the venue.

Colour palette



CMYK: 73 | 87 | 42 | 39
RGB: 70 | 42 | 76
HEX: #462a4c



CMYK: 42 | 71 | 70 | 40
RGB: 108 | 65 | 56
HEX: #6c4138



CMYK: 0 | 39 | 93 | 0
RGB: 255 | 168 | 43
HEX: #ffa82b



CMYK: 7 | 12 | 13 | 0
RGB: 233 | 220 | 212
HEX: #e9dcd4

craft CMS

Making it count for customers

When it came to development, we wanted the customer experience to be as easy and smooth as possible, so it was never a hassle to look at a menu or buy tickets for an event. That’s why we built an editable menu that’s responsive on all devices - that meant customers wouldn’t have to try to download a PDF menu and zoom to be able to see any of the dishes. It also means that Peggy’s can update their menu as and when they need to with ease.

Peggys Menu
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On-board experience

We developed using Craft Commerce due to its powerful and flexible e-commerce features, easily controllable events and ticketing with complete bespoke design control - so customers can stay on Peggy’s website and not be directed to third parties for transactions. It also allows the venue to scale in the future with merchandise stores and so much more!

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What the client says

"Friendly, fast, creative, professional and affordable. Everything you need in one team from conception to design to delivery."

Paul & Rachel - Co-Owners - Peggy's Skylight