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Reel Media are a video production agency with a team of incredibly talented professionals working with businesses from initial concept to final delivery.

They needed a website that was going to work much harder for them. After spending time concentrating on SEO, they’d found that content heavy approach and service pages weren’t working for them. The website needed to showcase the visual work that they do.

We worked on creating a customer journey that would make it easy to get a feel for Reel’s approach to production, as well as giving clear visibility to the quality of work they produce. Working with national clients, it was important that their experience and expertise shone.

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Digital branding

Their digital brand identity looked a little tired and didn't support their strong brand position. We reworked and refreshed their brand colours and typography for better accessibility. By upping the brightness of the brand red, it gave a more vivid and commanding presence online. The rounded sans serif font is a reflection of the team's playful personality.

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Lightbulb moments. Design and development to showcase exceptional video production.

As a video production agency, Reel's work needed to be front and centre and highlight the brilliant clients that they're working with. We ditched a clunky WordPress website for Craft CMS, so that the team at Reel can add video content, articles and make updates to the website with ease. Smart auto-plays on hover makes the website journey more intuitive for potential customers to get straight to the video content too

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We introduced a news section to the website to share Reel's knowledge and expertise, and to build on a content strategy too. Previously the website relied on bloated keywords and content and the website’s performance suffered for it.

By creating content Reel’s customers search for and read, it makes the basis of the website a destination for knowledge and a more real insight into who they are and what they do. We also introduced an Instagram feed to bring more of Reel's personality to the website and give focus to their creative approach to production.

Working with Abstrakt has been a real pleasure. Their enthusiasm for the work they do is infectious and the quality of the end product is second to none. We now have a website that we can be proud of.

Ben Newth - Director - Reel Media

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