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In the competitive world of cinema, Savoy wanted to refresh their brand to position themselves alongside other big names within the industry, whilst maintaining what Savoy meant to them and their community.

Savoy is an affordable, welcoming experience inclusive to everyone, with personable local staff and a place to connect. All whilst ensuring consistency was maintained in the several different Savoy Cinemas within their portfolio across the UK.

Together we explored the brands greater purpose; what it does, what it offers and what customers think / feel (and what Savoy want them to think / feel) when they visit the cinemas. We then identified the core values that the cinemas stood for.

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Their values led us to the key themes of the brand’s personality as we moved into both brand and visual identity. The logo we developed is a simple wordmark that is clean, modern and assured.

A layering effect has been used on the letters to create a feeling of depth and to convey the immersive experience of visiting the cinema and experience Savoy and its sense of community.

CMYK 8 / 92 / 82 / 8
RGB 205 / 46 / 44

CMYK 20 / 100 / 80 / 30
RGB 153 / 22 / 36

CMYK 0 / 0 / 0 / 10
RGB 237 / 237 / 237

CMYK CMYK 0 / 0 / 0 / 40
RGB 178 / 178 / 178

Headlines | Effra

Headlines | Effra

Body | Quatro Sans

Body | Quatro Sans

Tone of voice

The ___ starts here. A living strapline to add personality.

As well as the core brand strapline, a suite of secondary campaign straplines were created for individual film launches to build excitement and anticipation. This ‘living’ strapline adds personality and an element of fun to the brand, providing the flexibility to build a story around each film, whilst remaining within the brand style and being definitively Savoy.

Savoy drama
Savoy adventure
Savoy magic
Savoy action
Savoy fun
Savoy fright

Premium screen identity

We took a similar approach to the premium screen's identity, naming the screen 'VERTEX' with the accompanying strapline 'Suspend Reality.' Vertex stands for the pinnacle of involvement and the ultimate viewing experience available to Savoy visitors, whilst immersing them in a fantasy world for the duration of a film.


Behind the scenes

Using letterforms to create texture and depth to delight customers.

Taking letterforms from the brand wordmark, we created independent assets to be used alongside print collateral and an ident. This created depth and built upon the 'immersive experience' when attending the cinema. These visually strong forms create fluid and dynamic letters that can be positioned flexibly across applications.

Savoy packaging

Anticipation in an ident

Working with Reel Media, it was possible to create an ident that brought the brand assets to life when combined with Reel's expertise in motion graphics. Each transition builds upon the anticipation of watching a new film, alongside the subtle injections of sound as the living strapline changes between snippets of popular video footage. Excitement is drummed to the pinnacle of Savoy where we're reminded, as viewers, that the joy of film goes hand-in-hand with the community and connection with Savoy Cinemas.

Abstrakt considered our company as a whole from the start – reaching out to our staff at different sites; they sought to find our defining characteristics; shared their findings and worked with us to find a logo that worked – the process was interactive and great fun!

Helen Vesey - Executive Assistant - Savoy Cinemas

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