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Shavers is an eCommerce website launched by The Olympic Shaver Centre in 1998. Originally focusing on the sale of electric shavers and grooming products, Shavers needed to put a brand to the name, so they could set themselves apart as the market leaders in advice and knowledge for men’s grooming.




2015 - Present

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Branding, Design, Digital Marketing

Shavers Model
Shavers Product

Colour Palette

Gun Metal

Gun Metal

CMYK: 100 | 78 | 55 | 55
RGB: 0 | 38 | 56
HEX: #002638



CMYK: 20 | 0 | 100 | 25
RGB: 161 | 97 | 31
HEX: #a161f



CMYK: 68 | 61 | 60 | 47
RGB: 64 | 64 | 64
HEX: #404040



CMYK: 5 | 0 | 10 | 50
RGB: 139 | 145 | 139
HEX: #8b918b

Building a brand

Shavers previously had no brand identity and was led by the manufacturer brands that are sold through its eCommerce, such as Braun and Panasonic. Due to Shavers' legacy and desire to set themselves apart as leaders, we used a colour palette that was smart but distinctive when paired together to give the site refinement, and appeal to its core audience.



MB Empire Bold

Font Empire Bold


MB Empire Bold

Font Empire Bold Lc

Digital Marketing

MB Empire Medium

Font Empire Medium

Web Body

Lato light

Font Lato Light
Shavers Logo

Sharp lines that make a brand

When it came to a logo marque we echoed the sharp lines and angles of the cutting blade, both incorporating it into the full logo identity and creating its own individual asset that would become synonymous with the brand. Its sophistication and clean lines reflect the polished, stylish and well groomed audience Shavers market to.

Promoting the brand to a well groomed audience. 

Digital Marketing

Gaining momentum with men’s grooming

In recent years, men’s grooming products have been severely underrepresented in most beauty retailers. Whilst the boom in ‘metro sexuality’ has increased in popularity, men turned to seeking advice online from the comfort of their own home.

Shavers needed a means to attract more consumers to their website through education, interest and breaking away from the stereotypical, forceful push for men’s product marketing.

Shavers Model 3
Shavers Black Friday

Seasonal Campaigns

Inventing imaginative custom designs, we were able to bring personality to each campaign to create engaging marketing emails that convert.

Email Marketing campaigns 

During a 6-month period Shavers had an average open rate of 20.4%. The beauty industries' average is 18.48%.

Shavers has an average CTR of 2.3%, whilst the beauty industries' average is 1.96%.

Black Friday Email Campaign

Average email purchase conversion rate 4.7%.

Average click through rate 3%.

Average open rate 18%.

ROI 792%.

Advice for Men 

The Shavers blog was introduced in November 2015, from expert guides to pro tips and sometimes just a bit of fun, we look at the latest trends and create informative weekly content for Shavers' readers.

The results

2016 -17 increased Shavers organic traffic by 94%

Facebook Advertising

Over a 6-month period, we tested different types of ads to see what engaged and compelled the Shavers website visitors to convert until we found a sweet spot.

During that period Shavers' average conversion rate for Facebook ads was 20% and the average conversion rate for the beauty industry is 7.10%.

Average CTR for Shavers is 1.2% and the average CTR for the beauty industry is 1.16%.

Average CPC for Shavers was £0.74p, but the average CPC for the beauty industry is £1.35p. We achieved an overall ROI 1,333%.

Shavers Model 4
The number one destination site for men’s shaving. 

Digital Design

The comprehensive collection

We carried out research and in-depth analysis of the previous site's sales and conducted user testing with a range of audiences. That data was used to reposition Shavers as the number one destination site for men’s shaving and associated grooming products, but a central hub for advice and knowledge too.

We stepped away from only using product imagery to drive sales and focussed on men’s lifestyles and aspirations, whilst ensuring the website still felt like an eCommerce.

Shavers Mobile Mockup


A year after launch, revenue was up over 15% year on year. During Black Friday we achieved a 200% increase in revenue and a 21.46% increase in conversion (compared to the previous best selling year).

Shavers Mobile

What the client says

"I always find Abstrakt very approachable, capable and they are always attentive to our needs and objectives. They are never short of interesting ideas!"

Andrew Edwards - Managing Director -