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Tweezerman are industry leaders in the beauty tool market with a history that spans over the last 40 years. They're renowned worldwide for their premium, innovative and quality beauty tools for both men and women.

However, Tweezerman UK were not resonating with their audience and were finding it difficult to build a community of advocates across their digital platforms. Deciding to launch an ecommerce, they knew they needed a strong and relatable digital presence to begin building a community of loyal advocates of the brand in the UK.

They were using US media assets to drive their social media feeds with photography that wasn't suited to a UK audience. It came off somewhat cold, lacking accessibility to the everyday you and me and didn't have that touch of humour and playfulness found in UK brands. They needed to redefine themselves and begin to make their mark outside of the US.

Digital Strategy

Brand understanding to drive an ecommerce forward.

Modern consumers are curious, demanding and impatient, and the focus was to create a solid social media strategy that would start to reposition Tweezerman UK. We worked with the marketing team in a workshop to understand their market, the audiences they wanted to appeal to, their best selling products and most appealing USPs, and key objectives.

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Digital Strategy

From the workshop, alongside our own research and analysis, we created a solid digital marketing strategy that would form progress and actions over the coming months to reposition Tweezerman UK online. Tweezerman UK needed an integrated approach to their digital strategy that would stretch across all channels and establish Tweezerman UK online.

That meant, whilst ensuring that overall brand guidelines were followed, we were able to set the UK audience apart in style, campaigns, photography and language. It allowed for the UK brand to have more autonomy over how it was presented and how it communicated with consumers.


Accessible product photography to encourage customer engagement.

We spent the first couple of months testing different types of product photography to understand what the UK audience for Tweezerman responded to. It was important to get the right mix of colour palette, angle and style, to create beautiful photography that would leave customers desiring the beauty tools based on their aesthetic, as well as their quality and precision.

We found that customers responded to more accessible photography that they, themselves, could have taken and we started to see an uplift in UGC as the community started to respond to the style.

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Content Marketing

The beauty industry is saturated with content and it's been important to identify topics that aren't commonly discussed to recognise and fulfil "sweet spots." By establishing keywords, searched terms and questions, and beauty tools that might be less debated between customers, we've started to grow content on the Tweezerman UK website that attracts clicks from SERPs.


The core objective was to build a UK community and introduce beauty enthusiasts to Tweezerman and their products. However, we put a focus on achieving real results and driving new customers to the ecommerce and the range of expert beauty tools available.


Increase in organic traffic to article content in the last 7 months


Increase in social media traffic to the website in the last 7 months


Increase in clickthrough from SERPS in the last 3 months after SEO updates

When building a community and on platforms as fickle and changeable as social media, visible engagement and likes through posts aren't always tangible or relevant. That's why we put value in growing engagement and clickthrough to a website, so that it's possible to see that a customer is actively engaging with the brand beyond the face of social media pages.

Website assets

Working alongside the internal team, we've created a series of website assets for hero banners and category blocks to bring their style inline with the UK beauty industry. It was important that the assets had the same aesthetic as social media assets to tie in all digital channels. We continue to create an overall creative design framework for campaigns and product awards that the internal team can then flow across assets internally, such as web banners and emails.

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Social Media

Social media management that builds brand awareness.

Focussing on Instagram as the core social network for growing a community, we are building the social following and awareness of Tweezerman's expert beauty tools within the UK. Creating assets that delight and inspire beauty enthusiasts to use quality, long lasting tools that are purpose designed, as well as engaging with followers and proactively looking for influencers alongside their PR team.

Introducing the shop feature to social media networks has allowed us actively tag products and drive consumers to the new Magento 2 website too. We're working with Tweezerman UK to on social media advertising to grow awareness but always keep focus on organic growth.

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Abstrakt are an absolute joy to work with! We are really happy with the work they are creating for us.

Ellie Jenkins - Brand Manager - Tweezerman UK

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