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Modular taps and brassware. Style that doesn’t stand still.


Varied Forms



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The world of consumer products is changing and Varied Forms empowers people to take ownership, with the freedom to express their individuality with every day homeware.

Varied Forms realised a gap in the modular taps and brassware market and saw an opportunity redefine the brassware industry, and embrace unique expression with customisable taps that celebrate individual personality and style.

However, as a new brand and new product to market, they needed a full suite of services from brand to design to web and marketing to progress their vision digitally, so that Varied Forms could concentrate on the development of the physical product.

VF Logo

visual identity

The Varied Forms logo is based around the font Gilroy, a modern sans serif with a geometric touch. We customised the characters to reflect the brand's focus on individuality and creativity. The deliberate choice to offset the logo represents a need to be disruptive in an ever-evolving market. As Varied Forms expand their product range, it’s important that the logo can adapt; we’ve focused on making it legible on all background colours, as well as ensuring the logo can be broken down and still be uniquely recognisable. Like one of the key brand personality traits, we’ve considered every step of the design process, from the manual kerning to the inclusion of the half-full stop; a representation of the products uniquely customisable valves.

Headings - Gilroy Extra Bold

Headings - Gilroy Extra Bold

Body - Soleil Light

Body - Soleil Light

Print material

Made to be made over. The first rule is, there are no rules.

When it came to print materials, it was important to seamlessly flow the same playfulness and creativity from digital to the static expression of print. We created movement within design elements and just as Varied Forms' products are made to create - so is the logo - and it doesn't need to be used in isolation or be void of statement colour.


social media

Evolve and move forward. Social led by insight for sector leading expertise.

As Varied Forms had no digital presence, we worked with the team to start to build awareness with a suite of assets for both Instagram and Pinterest. Taking insight from both social platforms, we were able to understand which configurations of product were gaining the most interest, pins, likes and views, to then inform future asset creation, which products would become a focus and interior design themes and trends in the current climate. The assets featured both the product and the brand, to demonstrate the evolvement of both over time.

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Varied Forms
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Experimental web design that doesn't stand still. Literally.

When it came to the design and development of the website, the needed design to embrace Varied Forms' proposition and product: being unique and progressive. Its focus is surprise and delight, over following traditional rules of web design.

Much like the brand identity, the website has gone through meticulous rounds of development to really hone in on showcasing the product in an experimental and creative way.

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Mobile Menu
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Using Craft, we were able to develop a highly customisable design that is controlled through the CMS and allows the team at Varied Forms a lot of freedom to make adjustments to the website themselves. The colour picker component combines two sliders, which work in sync to achieve the effect of them moving simultaneously.

Movement has been a huge consideration for the website becoming a living, breathing design, too, so that there is a push and pull journey for the user with stylish page transitions throughout. As well as the colour picker, the Randomiser tool is a playful approach that introduces consumers to tapware prelaunch. It allows users to discover style in a unique way matching the brands approach to their products and future ranges.

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One of the great things about working with Abstrakt is the multi-disciplinary background of their tight knit team. We’ve seen the cross-pollination of ideas that this creates and the subsequent speed at which their other creative channels then incorporate that same idea into their own workflows.

We're new to Craft CMS and it's good fun; the flexibility Abstrakt have built in is letting me continue to build on the styling as the brand evolves. It's completely changing my understanding of a website - love it!

Benjamin Peak - Chief Executive Officer - Varied Forms

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