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For over 55 years, Vobster Architectural have specialised in designing, detailing and manufacturing premium quality wet cast stone, semi-dry stone and GRC products.

They’ve developed and redefined their solutions and provide a level of service that is second to none. However, Vobster needed a new website that represented their professionalism and passion for quality and the design process.

Their current brand and digital presence didn’t reflect the quality of craftsmanship or partnerships with their clients, and so, we worked with them to redevelop their brand to pull it inline with their premium products - as well as a new website.

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The brand was already well positioned and thought of within the industry but the previous logomark wasn't representing the company's success or its values. We dropped the standard free font that didn't reflect the quality or individuality of the product created by Vobster.

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Changing to a classier serif alongside a strong and clean sans serif, we were able to nod to the sophistication of the product and the more detailed flourishes of the cast stone. By layering the brand name, we mimicked brick formation and the strength and heritage of the company within the sector.

We chose an elegant serif alongside a bold but soft sans serif to flow alongside beautiful photography which showcases the strength and precision of the stone, with its bespoke design and product features.

Proxima Nova Regular

Proxima Nova Regular

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Big Caslon Medium

CMYK 0 / 0 / 0 / 85
RGB 77 / 77 / 79

CMYK 0 / 35 / 85 / 0
RGB 239 / 178 / 86

CMYK 87 / 100 / 37 / 54
RGB 51 / 6 / 59

CMYK 0 / 0 / 0 / 15
RGB 220 / 221 / 222


A stylish and modern architectural website

We created a modern architectural website whilst maintaining the heritage of Vobster’s legacy. We drew from the heritage of the making of Vobster stone with the use of elegant lines and soft filigree flourishes of stone casting. The sharp lines denote precision within the photography cutouts and line elements.

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The typography with its modern and more classical forms hint to the classical references of the buildings built in the stone. White space allowed us to utilise beautiful photography to produce a showcase website for the company, whilst capturing the attention through the aesthetic of Vobster’s audience: architects, developers and contractors.


Bespoke page designs with subtle animations

Using Craft CMS we were able to build bespoke page designs with subtle animations and elegant hover effects to surprise and delight Vobster's audience as they moved through the website. Craft CMS allows the team at Vobster to easily and quickly update their own site's content; adding new case studies, news and photography themselves with ease.

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From giving Abstrakt an overview of the business and some general guidelines as to how we’d want the website to look and feel, they built us a website that shows off the company brand, performs well, and is flexible for us to move with the business.

Tom Brewster - Director - Vobster Architectural