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A new name and start up in Motorsport performance parts, accessories and clothing, WASPP are dedicated to all disciplines of Race & Rally in the UK.

Built and developed out of a career-long disappointment of part suppliers in the Motorsport industry, they're putting customer experience and satisfaction at the forefront of their proposition; a brand people can buy into. They needed an agency to bring the brand to life and a digital strategy to support their position as a start-up.

With the need for a quick turnaround and in the midsts of lockdown, we worked closely with the WASPP team to pick their brains and establish their goals and objectives—to visualise the brand—give it an identity and voice, and develop a digital strategy to launch their journey as a startup ecommerce.


WASPP identified a significant opportunity, with a gap in the market for a new and modern brand, which has broad appeal, is customer-centric and doesn't rest on its laurels. They wanted to not only be known for being the 'good guys' but to be seen as being current, personable and aspirational, too. They want to become a wearable brand that their community is proud to be part of.

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As their competitors are outdated and with out of touch visual identities, which don’t lend themselves well to brand engagement or emotional connection, it allowed us to push the brand visuals outside the box and aim for the same powerful aesthetic of brands like Red Bull and Monster, and a brand palette that suits the powerful community and driving force behind the industry.

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We kept the brand consistent by creating brand guidelines to make it easy for anyone new joining the team, to understand who WASPP are and how they represent themselves, the language they use and how the brand is used across digital and offline channels.

As WASPP already had a slick, simple, bold and modern logo marque in the public domain, we developed that style further, drawing on elements such as race tracks, flag and tyre track patterns to seamlessly fold in common associations with motorsport; allowing the brand to stand up on its own, outside of any direct connection with products.

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WASPP is a state of mind, an aspiration and we developed a digital strategy to support that.

As WASPP are appealing to an audience as young as thirteen, we needed to make sure the brand is a safe start for new entrants into the motorsport industry, as well as a legit and fresh persona to appeal to the community, and become an aspirational brand. That meant initially creating standout and striking graphical posts (whilst the team couldn't get out on the track) to build a social following and start to make some noise and turn some heads.

Prior to that, we set to work on researching and developing a digital strategy to demonstrate and inform how the brand would digitally market themselves over the coming year; to establish the brand and create the type of content their community want to engage with, indulge in and learn from.

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As an ecommerce and distributor of brands in Motorsport, WASPP wanted to put their stamp on their packaging as they progress toward holding stock, as well as moving into their own lines of merchandise. The goal is for WASPP to become wearable—aspirational—and a brand that their community and beyond want to be seen to wear.

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WASPP Car Wrap

LOVE IT! It’s exactly what we were looking for and gives us a very firm footing to begin pushing the brand as much as possible. Abstrakt took our brief for brand and social, and immediately knew what we wanted for our digital marketing strategy and online social content too. Interactions are going in the right direction and love the artwork!

Edward Worthington - Founder / Director - WASPP

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