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Zouch Converters

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Zouch Converters are a specialist UK manufacturer supplying exceptional quality foams, tapes and sealants who were looking for a brand, a converting website and content that generated leads.

Zouch wanted to refresh their brand and develop a new website that would build their online presence and match their innovation and expertise offline. They needed to reposition themselves as industry leaders with an identity that reflected their knowledge, expertise and longevity within the market.

We continued to work Zouch Converters on their content strategy to build a resource of content articles that would boost in ranking in SERPs, provide key information and advice for consumers, reflect their experience and show the vast range of industries that they work to supply their product too.

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Visual Identity

A logo evolution, not revolution

As Zouch is an existing business with an established client base it was important that the identity refresh was an evolution, not a revolution. The retention of the distinctive cut Z is a nod to the original logo and Zouch’s roots. The use of a strong, simple wordmark lends an air of confidence and modernity whilst refreshing the logo and bringing it up to date.

CMYK 85 / 48 / 0 / 0
RGB 18 / 115 / 185

CMYK 99 / 72 / 26 / 11
RGB 13 / 71 / 121

CMYK 15 / 89 / 20 / 2
RGB 207 / 54 / 120

CMYK 0 / 0 / 0 / 94
RGB 52 / 52 / 50

HK Nova Bold Rounded

HK Nova Bold Rounded

Lato Light

Lato Light


The use of HK Nova, a recently created and non-mainstream typeface, gives the logo a sense of originality and uniqueness. This sturdy yet approachable font is a modern twist on a geometric typeface which suits the Zouch positioning exactly; forward-looking and dynamic but established and experienced.

The use of uppercase letters gives the wordmark balance and stability, whilst the rounded letterforms softens it stops it from becoming overly formal. The circle device from the original logo was retained but is now used as an accompanying, graphic asset, creating a feeling of movement and dynamic flow to the brand.


The forefront of industry knowledge with a content marketing strategy to convert leads.

We devised a content marketing strategy that would organically influence clicks from SERPs and social media pages. Focussing on popular products such as Closed Cell Foam, we write content weekly, thoroughly research industries, their needs and pain points and tailor articles to show Zouch's expertise and ability to face any challenge around foam, tapes or sealing solutions.

We amplify the content through social media and an engaged audience that continues to bring new and returning users to the Zouch website.

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Bringing the digital presence to an offline space.

We've brought the digital style inline with Zouchs's offline marketing materials from their stationary to foam sample boxes, at every single touchpoint, customers are reminded of the quality, innovation and expertise that go hand-in-hand with Zouch's brand and business.

Zouch Sample Box

Our new brand, website and content strategy are doing exactly what Abstrakt said. They’ve established us as industry leaders and with well researched and written articles, we’re attracting more and more customers!

Rob West - Director - Zouch Converters

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